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File Formats

What types of files should I upload?

Your files should be in PNG, TIFF or JPEG format. For editing you can also upload PSD files. Other formats may be acceptable - please Contact Us for more information.

What resolution should my files be?

Your files should ideally be 300 DPI. However, if you wish to enlarge your photo, 180 to 360 DPI can also yield excellent results.

What color space should I use?

Files should be in sRGB, AdobeRGB 1998 or ProPhoto RGB.

I have a really large file - is this an issue?

For files in excess of 50MB, please contact us directly to facilitate the file transfer through popular file sharing applications such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), etc...

File Format Incompatibilities

We will always communicate with you if there are any problems with your image or if we don't think it will scale well before we process your order.

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